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Collaboration and Project Management

for Makers and Product Designers.

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All your team's work.
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knowable makes it easy to organize your team, your files and your tasks. By creating workspaces for the distinct areas of your project you can keep discussions to the point. It also makes finding that particular file that you wanted to talk about so much easier.


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CAD Files

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Focused on hardware.
File by file.

knowable is built from the ground up for hardware projects. That’s why we implemented file viewers for the most common hardware-specific formats. It’s super convenient to view .stl, .obj or .svg documents before downloading or commenting on them. Don't believe us? Check out the file on the left!

Every issue tracked.
And resolved.

Keeping track of your project was never so convenient: knowable’s integrated issue system makes it a snap to set up tasks and assign them to team members. And yes, the system also includes powerful filtering. Just give it a try below and see for yourself!

  • 3dskill
  • Arduinoskill
  • Model 008
  • Model 010
  • Curcuitskill
  • Processingskill

The right collaborators for your project.

Finding the right people with the right skills for your project can be a challenge. knowable makes this process easy by allowing users to specify their talents. Next time you’re looking for someone you’ll be surprised how fast you can find the right person!

Need feedback?
Showcase your work.

knowable enables you to share your work in the best light. It’s a great way to build your portfolio. And it allows you to get useful feedback from your peers. Are you curious how a showcase can look like? Well, just click the one on the right side to check it out!

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